Casino Bonus Ratio

Casino Bonus Wagering Ratio (BWR)
Have you every tried playing online casino and be subjected to winning free casino bonus? Then when it is payout time, your casino website refuses to pay for it? Well. It is common for many people to feel disappointed and if you are one of them this article is for you.

We feel it is essential to get a deeper understanding about the casino bonus wagering ratio on any online casino for everyone not to get surprised every time they reach the bonus payout steps. Let’s face it, it is normal for online casino or bricks and mortar casino to generate revenue or profit because they are still a business.

You might think it is a scam to have wagering requirements to get a bonus, but without such tricks, as an offered incentive for players as part of entertainment, or just making it as free cash giveaway, many would take advantage of this opportunity and the business would have a huge losses and will eventually close. This means no more of such entertainment anymore.

It is said that one key factor which affects the Casino Bonus Wagering Ratio or BWR is the Wagering Requirements. This is place on all bonus money and before the bonus money is awarded this is the amount of wagering that has to happen. This BWR vary on different casinos but in most resources, it is the result of multiple of the deposit + bonus.